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If you are interested in helping Merlin’s KIDS raise funds, either for our general mission or to support a specific child, please consider these options or contact us with your ideas!


Please let us know where you can help!

For those wishing to become involved with handling and training service dogs, we offer training courses and certifications in Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation TM and Merlin's Kids' Service Dog Training, introductory through advanced training.

We also need volunteers for transport, marketing, event planning and staffing, facility upkeep and more. We will contact you when your experience and interest match our current needs. Thank you for volunteering!


Types of Fosters

1. Short-term "relief" fosters - up to a couple of weeks.

  • Short-term relief fosters are for temporary emergencies/ vacations.

  • As a short-term foster, you will have the opportunity to work hands-on with our service dogs in training, and serve as an "on call" or "as needed" foster.

2. Long-term fosters - 3 months to a year

  • As a long-term foster, you will be trained on the principles of Natural Canine Behavior Rehabiliation (TM) to make sure the dog you are fostering is behaviorally sound in a variety of circumstances.

  • You will participate in foster meet-ups for group hands-on training.

3. Advanced fosters

  • Looking for an intense, long-term relationship with Merlin's Kids? An advanced foster will be trained on Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (TM) and you must be enrolled in one of our service dog training courses.

  • You will participate in foster meet-ups for group hands-on training.

  • Advanced foster commitment varies depending on the level of training you undergo and the dog's intended purpose.



Top 10 Reasons to Foster a Merlin's Kids Service Dog in Training

1. You learn a TON about canine behavior.

2. You have a buddy to take EVERYWHERE (examples may include school, work, restaurants, shopping, and more!)

3. You help save TWO lives: the dog and his/her future recipient.

4. You know the dog is DESTINED for a GREATER PURPOSE.

5. Involve your whole family to achieve a COMMON GOAL.

6. Did you know that fostering offers TAX BENEFITS or assistance with supplies?

7. You enroll in a TRAINING COURSE with MENTORSHIP that will teach you what to do and how to do it.

8. Do you LOVE dogs? You can foster one or multiple.

9. You and your foster dog serve as AMBASSADORS for the Merlin's KIDS community. You are exclusively invited to participate in events and fundraisers to benefit Merlin's KIDS.

10. It's the RIGHT THING to do.