Who is Merlin?

Merlin’s KIDS was named for Merlin, a spectacular Lipizzan stallion. Merlin’s impressive stature and gentle nurturing manner touched so many lives. His compassion for those in fear and pain made him a truly unique horse.

Location and Service Areas

Merlin’s KIDS has facilities in New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina and Georgia. We also work with university partners for public access training, as well as individual fosters who are trained in Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR).

We serve the entire United States and also rescue dogs from Aruba.


Founder/Executive Director Janice Wolfe

  • Janice is the founder and executive director of Merlin's KIDS. In the past 30 years, Janice Wolfe has placed 1,300 rescued and rehabilitated dogs as service, therapy, and companion dogs.She is known as “The Lady" Dog Whisperer for her unique ability to connect with those dogs other trainers and even many veterinarians could not rehabilitate. With her world renowned approach in Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation, Janice has helped 25,000 dogs with behavioral issues and has received many awards including:
  • Calais Foundation's "Making a Difference Award" 2013
  • Professional Women's Organization's "Women Helping Women Award" in 2011
  • "Salute to Champions Award" in NJ in 2011
  • Pre-Westminster Event Humanitarian Award 2007

    Janice is author of several canine behavioral books. She is currently writing two books with world renowned animal behaviorist and autism authority, close friend, Dr. Temple Grandin. Her ability to connect with children allows Merlin’s KIDS to evaluate families prior to seeking the appropriate service dog.


Janice Wolfe is the host of the popular BBS radio show For the Love of Dog which airs Fridays at 4 pm PST. You can also be listen to past recordings via podcast.

for the love of dog
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