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Watch these awesome and adorable girls, learning about Service Dogs! Thank you to Savannah and Larry! And to this wonderful family!

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Recently, a study was published with commentary stating that a dog's breed had nothing to do with its temperament. That is such a dangerous statement on so many levels. So a border collie who is high energy and motivated to herd and spin and bow, All By Nature, not nurture, has natural ...tendencies that were bred into it for hundreds or even thousands of years. A Basenji does not bark but rather yodels oh, so can we all teach our dogs to yodel instead of barking? A German Shepherd has been bred for hundreds and hundreds of years to be a protector and guard dog, and there can be some that are so gentle and magical, but for the most part, they are very sharp and smart and quick to react. Perhaps a very tightly wrapped dog breed is not the best choice for a family with toddlers? What do you think? Every Rhodesian Ridgeback I've ever seen, loves to lay on the couch, go through your legs, doesn't bark a whole lot, hates its toenails done, and thinks it knows better than its owner does although that probably is true very often LOL. Beagles tend to bark more than a Shiba Inu, and Golden Retrievers tend to be more gentle, much more gentle, than a Cane Corso. To even begin to say that breed does not impact personality or traits of a breed, is to say that we should remove all the groups from dog shows and not group hounds with hounds, or working dogs with working dogs, or herding dogs with herding dogs etcetera. This is absolutely ludicrous to claim that dogs or any type of animal selectively chosen for traits that become a breed over hundreds or thousands of years, have no differences at all. So apparently, a Chihuahua is a super confident 50 lb dog and a golden retriever is a super confident 50 lb dog, and a Tibetan Mastiff is a super confident 50 lb dog, and a Maltese is a super confident 50 lb dog and an Italian greyhound is a super confident 50 lb dog. It is so absolutely ridiculous. The same way that breeds of horses have different traits, longevity, speed and endurance, that showcase the differences between a thoroughbred, a Standardbred, a quarter horse, a Reining Horse, a roping horse, a Lipizzan and an Arabian just to mention a few, and let's throw in a little Connemara Pony just for laughs and giggles, are we to believe that Secretariat, or pretty much any Thoroughbred could not outrun a Shetland pony and that a standardbred who paces or trots and is actually disqualified if it crosses the finish line cantering or galloping, is just expressing its individual personality? The commentary on this article is quite dangerous. It is dangerous because it is misinforming people. It is dangerous because it is ridiculous to think that there are no differences between breeds. Every breeder of grand champion show dogs, or field dogs or greyhounds or thoroughbred race horses, will disagree vehemently that breeding doesn't matter. The breed is one of the most important factors in choosing a dog for one's family, for the show ring, for hiking or agility, for lure coursing, for hunting, for herding, for working, for Iditarod, for lounging on the couch, for being lazy, or for being hyper. It is everything. It does not mean that there cannot be individuals who are very atypical for the breed or breeds of which they are comprised. But what it does mean, is that traits selected for hundreds or thousands of years, by experts in that breed, have continued to be selected for and that becomes a trait that does define the breeds. I guess we need to all just cancel the AKC Meet the Breeds days and we should just say, hey guys come meet these four-legged mammals. They're all the same. Just ridiculous. Love your dog because it is your dog. But choose your future dog with intelligence and planning and forethought. Do not assume that you can purchase a Presa Canario and turn it into a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Do not purchase a Hound if you don't like to occasionally or more than occasionally hear howling. And by all means do not purchase a Great Dane if you're looking for a 10 lb toy poodle. They call them Great Danes for a reason. Not tiny Danes. Choose wisely our friends!

Does Dog Breed Affect Behavior? In a Word, Yes. – American Kennel Club

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Does Dog Breed Affect Behavior? In a Word, Yes. – American Kennel Club

A combination of breed and socialization will help determine how your dog will behave. Here's why breed matters when selecting a pet.

Please help this adorable litle boy πŸ‘¦ πŸ’™ get his life saving Merlin's KIDS Service Dog πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί πŸ• πŸ™ ❀️ We love you Zayn! And Mus and Lacey! ❀️

"I started working dogs this morning when the puppies awakened me at 5:45 a.m. and have been transporting dogs to the vet, while of course doing business phone calls the entire drive via Bluetooth, preparing and administering dog medication, cleaning and caring for the yards because ...they're just never clean enough from the service that comes twice a week, called the park and animal control to come pick up a dead fawn that had been cannibalized by half a dozen vultures, spent several hours with families, troubleshooting dog issues, evaluated three new potential dogs to adopt, taught our super informational weekly service dog training classes and answered tons of questions from awesome new families, and so many other things I can't even remember them all, and here it is 11:15 p.m., and I'm just finishing up. How could one possibly spend this much time doing work for others? Because too many people out there spend their time not helping others or caring enough for those who need help and won't ask for it. 72 hours a week of volunteer work for this great Organization, uncompensated for even one minute of that work? I wish it were only 72 hours a week. But in this day and age, too few people are committed to helping others before themselves. It's only Wednesday, and since Sunday, I've already logged 52 hours. Three more days to go. I'll bet I top 80 hours this week again. Nothing I would rather do more. Doing God's work? Priceless."

Our incredible accomplishments have been achieved through a massive amount of time and expertise, not only training dogs, but also our incredible staff and followers all over the world. We just wanted to share this truly humbling information, with all of you who are the reason we exist. People all ...over the world need our Merlin's KIDS Service Dogs... we have dogs in places most people never even think of. We have placed our incredible dogs with families all over the United States, but also in Australia, Turkey, Japan, France, Canada, UAE, UK, Italy, and Denmark to name a few! We are grateful for the trust and support of so many incredible people around the world. Thank you for believing in our dreams! We need your help now more than ever with your generous support so we can keep doing our good work in the midst of so much unrest and craziness in this world and in this country. Those who have supported us, have been the reason we can continue to make magic happen for so many special kids and dogs, and we are forever grateful. To all of our followers, please help us to keep making miracles happen for so many incredible families who are silently and patiently waiting for you and others to help them get what they need for their children. Thank you again to everyone who helps us make miracles happen!

Help this awesome young man...he will thrive with YOUR help!

To our thousands of recipients and followers, please take this seriously. We at are dedicated to keeping your pets safe and healthy both physically and behaviorally. There are many options to protect your pet against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, but remember that other animals ...and insects also transmitted disease. Be careful to remove standing water, especially if it's been stagnant a day or two, as this can be a great breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insect, as well as your pet ingesting water outside that may be laden with larva.

This may look like an impressive picture to many, but it is just one moment In a minimum of a year-and-a-half of specialized training for each of our dogs. More impressive, is the video that follows. (Look all the way in the back of the photo!) Even more amazing, is that these dogs will each go on save the lives of a special family of a child or veteran. This is what we do. This is who we are. And we are proud, so very proud to be the GOLD STANDARD, yesterday, today, and tomorrow in this very important and sometimes difficult to navigate industry. Anyone can make a dog sit or lie down on a leash for a treat, or walk a dog and take a quick picture of it finally behaving. But our dogs, Merlin's KIDS SERVICE DOGS, answer to a much higher standard of EXCELLENCE! Thank you to GUIDESTAR and CANDID for recognizing our continued commitment to excellence and transparency by awarding us yet another year as a GOLD SEAL nonprofit!! We work very hard training dogs, training humans and formulating the perfect placement matches for each and every recipient. Enjoy the video and the thousands of hours it took to get there. And most importantly, remember that this is Cancer Awareness Month and that some of our awesome recipients are enduring painful and lengthy treatments, and many of our recipients are survivors already! Congratulations to all of you from GOLD STANDARD to GOLD STANDARD!

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