This is one of the applicants who we will be helping soon! Story & donation link in comments if you are moved to help!

"Avery has been completely life-changing for our whole family. She brought an immense amount of calmness into our home and has on multiple times comforted Christopher during some of his medical episodes. It’s such an amazing thing to watch the bond grow between the two of them and ...Christopher is already seeking her out for comfort. Without giving Avery any direction to comfort him he’s doing it completely on his own. I cannot wait to see what incredible things the two of them do together and we are so grateful to have this opportunity and to see them handle life‘s challenges. This is going to be such an incredible journey and I’m so grateful that we get to watch it."

"It's not bad to ask for help. It's bad to not ask for help." JW

Happy New Year! Please take a moment to read the most important page on our website! Every donation or share helps! Thank you for being part of our upcoming wonderful year of service dog placements!

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Sponsor a Child - Merlin's KIDS Service Dogs

Support Kids on the Wait List Some names and photos have been changed to protect privacy of the children, but all stories represent current kids on...

We have an exciting opportunity for a special individual looking for an opportunity to volunteer or work at the incredible Merlin's KIDS service dog training center!
If you live in the area or have a high school or college kid, or if you'd like to be a part of the greatest team out ...there, please private message us. We have a full-time position that could be split between two part-time individuals. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday same time and place for all dogs good and bad!

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. sharp Sunday, we will meet at our favorite place with your good dogs or bad! When we're finished, they'll all be good!

Good morning! Beatrice is in need of a service dog!

More About Beatrice
Please help this local NY family - 7 year old Beatrice is a preemie twin who has autism that prevents her and her family from friendships, work and social outings. She is the daughter of a former NYPD officer ...who now works for Homeland Security, and a part time professor who is unable to work full time due to Beatrice’s needs. Beatrice has minimal verbal communication, and often uses screaming, loud vocal stimming or self injury to communicate frustration. She has zero danger awareness and has run off. Her sensory needs are overwhelming to her and she engages in unsafe behaviors such as climbing on counters or rocks, going upside down, and walking off during outings. The family of five is unable to take Beatrice places she loves, such as aquariums, parks and grocery stores, because it’s just too difficult and dangerous.

Beatrice's parents are overwhelmed and want safety and companionship for Beatrice. Merlin’s KIDS has accepted Beatrice into their program. A service dog can provide safety for Beatrice through tether, safe spot, comfort/deep pressure therapy and mitigation of meltdowns.

How can you help?

Donate here:

OR create a charity facebook fundraiser to support Beatrice! More details here

Thank you for making a difference!

We would like to help Chaize as quickly as possible and appreciate your support so we can train a service dog for him!

Canines for Disabled Kids has provided grants for some of our service dog recipients. We are so thankful to them. What a cool fundraiser!