Please help this very special young man to have a very different life because of you and your generosity. Please help and share.

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Happy Birthday! Please help this amazing lady have a fabulous birthday!

Happy birthday awesome lady! Thank you so much for dedicating your birthday to our wonderful children and dogs!

We're on your team John Junior! You are so cute and we all love you. We will do our best always to help you. Let's get everyone on board John's awesome ship! Let's get him a service dog to help him sail off into his brilliant and bright future!

Please share and donate. We have a young lady who has been in and out of residential facilities, and we all know that she just needs the service dog she's been praying for, to help get her to the next step in her life where she will be able to cope with all the stresses she faces. She needs ...about $15,800 more for a chance at a great New Life. Donations have not come in for her like they do for some of our other kids, but she really needs your help. Please don't skip over this very special young lady in florida, because her life literally depends on receiving this Merlin's Kids service dog. If you can't donate and make her wish come true, at least share and post proudly so that you can be a part of her recovery and future. This is a dire situation. Please help her not to have to go back inpatient again. It's devastating.

Please find a place in your heart for this special little boy who desperately needs a special service dog not only for himself but for his family to live their best lives. It only takes a moment, but it will change your life. Don't scroll past thinking someone else will donate. They scroll ...past as well and no one helps the special little boy. If you have a healthy typical child, donate in honor of the Good Fortune you have, and if you can't do that, we understand, but please share among your contacts and friends. This special little boy may not be your child, but he could have been. Help your child, little John.

Happy birthday to all the April and May birthday friends! Please consider doing a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday, to benefit Merlin's kids and our amazing special kiddos and Veterans who need your help for them to have a truly life-altering service dog. We are always working hard not ...only training the dogs, but preparing and replacing fences, heaters, buying dog food and treats for our four legged kiddos, and it's so expensive. You are fundraiser will benefit the very children and animals who need your help! Please do what you can and enjoy your birthdays, anniversaries and special events, and make them even more special by using those opportunities to help those in need.

Please help by donating for this very special little boy. Please help keep him safe.

Let's all help this special joyous child to have a service dog that will help keep him from running off, ground him and help his family as well. Let's all pull together to help John Jr, the cutest little boy you have ever seen!

Let's all support this very special little boy whose smile truly is a blessing from heaven above.